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[yuhng-vestor] noun. A person in the early stages of learning how to achieve financial independence.


Learning often happens in classrooms but it doesn’t have to. Become a YoungVestor and learn at your own pace online to reach financial independence faster.

Learn From Experts

I’ve been trading stocks for over 12 years, learned a lot from reading over 100 personal finance & investing books, lost money along the way but somehow still made my first $1 million at 30.  Let me tell you what really works with evidence based results from leading experts.

Build Your Knowledge

Learn how real estate, stocks, and options investing can help you reach your financial goals faster

Real-life Lessons

I go through real life examples of how I bought a house before 25 in Toronto, bought a rental property at 30 in the Greater Toronto Area, and what I’m doing now to retire before 40 

My Success Stories

Real people, real results


My husband is the most honest and smartest person I know. He changed me from being a big spender and broke student in University to buying our first house before 25, our investment property at 30, and I have no doubts we'll be able to retire before 40.


I'm always hungry but I never fear because daddy keeps the fridge full. He always tells me I shouldn't eat too much of one thing and that I should eat a little bit of everything. He tells me investing is the same way.


I can play with everything except my daddy's phone. Apparently the phone is for making money - not eating.

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