How we saved more than $200 on wedding alcohol from a weekend getaway!

We made plans to drive to Montreal for the Easter long weekend that had just passed.  It was a trip primarily to get out of the city so that we could relax, have some fun, and explore a city that always somehow manages to make us feel like we’ve left the country.

With our wedding approaching in August, we’ve been spending a lot of time planning and getting everything sorted out.  A trip to Montreal was exactly what we needed to help us re-charge from it all.

One of my favourite things about travelling with Amanda is that she’s always organized.  She plans and makes an itinerary for all our trips ahead of time.  As she was planning our trip, she accidentally stumbled on a website that compared prices of alcohol in Quebec vs. Ontario. 

It was a coincidence because we’ve been strategically trying to think of ways we could save and stock up on wedding alcohol that we intend on bringing to our wedding venue.  Alcohol was something we figured we could stock up ahead of time so that we didn’t have to leave it until the last minute before the date of the wedding.  Our trip to Montreal presented itself as a perfect opportunity to make this happen and allow us to focus on more important things before the wedding.

She began comparing prices on the LCBO’s website (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and SAQ’s website (The Société des alcools du Québec) and put together a list of spirits we needed to get and priced significantly cheaper in Quebec.  What also helped a lot was that there was a sale that same weekend because of the Easter holidays.  We ended up saving over $200 in total and best of all – we had an amazing weekend.

Here are some photos from our trip:

See you again Montreal!

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