Turning Our House Into A Home Over 3 Years & Counting

When we bought our house at the age of 24, we were in no rush to design and decorate our home. We focused on the most important things in maintaining our house and slowly over the years, we worked on turning our house into a home. It’s easy to splurge on beautifying your house but we learned to be realistic with our goals and stuck with what we could afford.

Similar to how we save for our vacations, we both set aside money every so often that we use for decorations or furnishings for our house. We don’t do this every month or every week but for example, during the months where we are paid 3 times (we get paid bi-weekly), we will save a bit more that we can put towards the house. It’s taken longer to save at times because we ran into a couple of instances where we had to make emergency repairs on the house (more on that in another blog post). It took three years collecting furniture and decorations and we’re still saving for other items. Obviously over a three year period, styles change and our taste in style may change but we made sure when we bought something that it would be timeless. For us, it is very important to buy something once that would last years to come.  

And like who doesn’t want a Pinterest worthy home? Amanda for sure does but how can you make your home beautiful without breaking your wallet?

We were looking for a concrete coffee table for our living room and we found that on average it was about $400. We really wanted one but hate the thought of buying something that looks like something we could probably spend a day making. As you may already know, Amanda is the crafty one so we decided to make our own recently.

We ordered hairpin legs online for $50, bought a 60lb bag of concrete for about $5, and $20 for various screws, pieces of wood, and sandpaper. All in all, it cost about $80 to make.

We’ll share more budget friendly ways to decorate your house in the coming posts. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of our DIY concrete table! (photos below)

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