Why We Want to Retire By 40

We get asked all the time why we want to retire early. The honest answer is if it’s financially possible to do so, why wouldn’t we?

We both really want to have that freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want. Having to depend on only employment income to live off of and nothing else to fall on means we would be forced to work when we don’t want to. It means we’ll probably have to work forever.

Have you ever been told after working 60+ hours a week only to not be paid overtime and told by your boss “that’s why they pay you the big bucks.”

I have and certainly know that our story isn’t unique and there’s things we all may not like about our work or there’s things we rather do than work such as travelling or spending more time with family.

Often times, people think we’re making all kinds of sacrifice to try to reach this ambitious goal but this is far from the truth. We go on one to two vacations a year, we eat out on weekends, and we will buy the things we have to.

But the biggest thing for us is we’ve laid out a plan to get us there and hopefully you’ll follow us on our journey and it gives you some inspiration to start your own financial planning.

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